Monthly Archives: April 2017

“Piece of Mind”

I lost a lot

Mind going crazy it might be too hot

Times are hard 

Pick another card

I’ve been chosen enough 

Life is already tough

Living cold in a slimy place

It’s hard to look without seeing a zombie face

Sometimes I lay at night and cry

I ask God why

You picked me to break down in a shell

It’s cold I need I need to leave hell

Thinking about the past

Mind going crazy because it shouldn’t last

Sometimes it’s sad to look at my phone 

Reminds me of how much I’m alone

A fake smile shatter at night

Cause that’s the end it’s not a fight

It’s crazy how the world lies

Despite the ugly look out my eyes

Unconditional love

Close your eyes and look above

No it’s crazy how blood is as thin as a card

Blood suppose to be the sign of easy not hard 

Money shouldn’t be the first thing to convince you

Look the sky is dark blue

Not night just pollution from the thin blood

Shouldn’t be hurt by a soft thud 

Deny the fact of it

This is a piece of mind now spit

Money blow by

New people arrive from the sky

I don’t remember anything you say

Just remember my day

Because this is a piece of mind now spit



It’s a sight that I’ve never seenDropped a tear

Memories are hard to disappear 

D is a light that I can see through

A is the spot that’s waiting for you

R you looking straight 

Reading words like it was right 

I hear that people don’t understand 

Either the power of words or a hand

Long live a name through dirt to look

Lines from phases that I took

I don’t know the meaning of the true thing

It wouldn’t hurt to chew on a ring 

Delicious words when anger take over

Hidden deep you’re special like a clover

Love is a feeling cloudy like a sheep 

Clean heart clean mind but hidden deep

Lining up to keep you close

Over top of my head is a hidden ghost

Vibrating the soul but kept the heart straight

Eating the soul but the heart isn’t late 

Shy hard spoken idk what to say

I cry myself to sleep after I pray

Your beauty is like a spark

Slim think looking delicious to a shark

Looking for a future in a king 

Think again with a diamond ring

One day we will meet

Pain is hard to defeat 

Fair well and so long

Love is just a lovely song