Monthly Archives: December 2015

“Silent Letter”

I can’t hear you

I can see you

Why are you there

Want to fit in

Think outside not in

Sometimes I feel like the e in hate

Alone and fitting in

But e in Love that’s something else

We see and hear you

Laughter have fun with each other

Opposites attract

Value of loyalty

Everything give your love your all

Last person you want

Only person you need

Valentine is y’all day

Eliminate all the people that want to run away

Loyal to that person

Ordinary feeling spice it up

Volcano eruption that’s how it go

Eye to eye with no lie

Look but don’t stare

Overjoy in your mind

Veins living proud

Elevate your problems

I can go on and on

are you getting what I’m saying

End your life on a good note not bad


“My Turn”

Look and see pain

I fear thee to the brain

You made it final

Ignore me like a orange

Brought more pain

I feel ashamed

People come and go

But you no no

Not easy to let go

To close to say bye

Blood is rushing down my eye

I pray that you come back to me

I’m afraid to be free

You all I need

For you to leave I must bleed

I’m not giving up to thee

She disrespect you she disrespect me

Clear my mind

I thought she was kind

Pain in your eyes is what I seen

Purple marks what does this mean

I guess it’s my turn to be hurt

Put me in the dirt

My turn to cry

Air no my heart to the sky

No more you’ll be mines soon

So the next day say good afternoon

I should’ve just stayed home

God just have them stab me with a comb

Pray it gotta work be true

The only person I love is you

I pray to God and ask for her back

Pain is all I have but pray until it’s dark

The King of all Kings can help me

So I pray that God will bring her back to me

“Rapid Fire”

Floating in space describes my case

I got two blunt options, I can flee or chase

I hear voices in my head like a demon on my shoulder

He keeps telling me hell is only getting colder

Who are you trying to fool, I can see you trying to hide

You just getting by, I’m making pigs fly

I can even see your shadow

You took mine first I had to get it back

But I have to give you props

You said it to my face commonly as cops

And maybe it won’t stop, but this movement isn’t just a small little spot

I do it for the brothers that didn’t get shot

I ain’t even talking about guns

Your words take shots at our sons

With as many bullet holes as a dry sponge

recycle the water there will be none

Lights and words flash before your eye

Pain dripping from the sky

Emotions running fast

It’s the end of the play where is the cast

Hands up to show power

All they love is flower

My work here is done

Paint my body and then run