Monthly Archives: May 2017

“This World”

It’s crazy how this world can be

This is the reason why I wrote poetry

So much hatred on earth

Pray from birth 

It’s crazy how much people hate

Get caught in a cross fire like an eight

He wasn’t ready to go

He wasn’t packed not with the flow

Eyes screaming shut 

The heart just got another little cut

But listen don’t cry

He’s flying high in the sky

I know your heart is beating at a fast rate

But listen God has him at the gate

He doesn’t want us to burn and weep

Someday we’ll see him when we sleep

But it’s crazy how this world can be 

Eyes full of tears it’s hard to see

29 years of glory 

People should hear his story

Keep lil Larry in your heart

Stay together he wouldn’t want us to fall apart

But it’s crazy how this world can be

lil Larry soul is living free 

Hold y’all heads up and live for him

Look up to God and remember them

Don’t get buried in the sand

Hold y’all heads up because God have us in his hand