Monthly Archives: March 2017

“Life is Priceless”

I remember when I use to have all the attention 

Mind and world blacked out like a vision 

I remember in history people stayed together 

No bond to break but now it’s as weak as feather

The King died for that bond to stay

Now you can’t go out the house before you pray

People don’t get along 

Hatred is too strong 

Life is priceless 

Parents cry at night 

Hatred is a war that’s worth a fight

Life is meaningless to a person who hate 

Change the lifestyle and He’ll see you at the gate

Come together and stop being cruel 

People treats life like a fool

It’s crazy how the world is so cold

People say bad things to your face they are so bold

Fight through the pain 

Well hate is apart of the brain

Long live so many kids

Cruelty left them dead

Life is priceless 

You can’t pay for a death wish 

Life is priceless 

You can’t pay someone for forgiveness

Life is priceless 

Hate is a strong word 

But life is priceless 

Can’t find a place with no fear

Life is priceless but they don’t care

Live today like it’s your last

Go and have a blast

Be grateful to still be here

Because people can disappear

Live life like it’s golden

Because life is priceless