Monthly Archives: August 2014

“Your self”

Love starts with yourself
It’s up high but higher than a shelf
People don’t understand what I mean
I saw a girl but that was all I seen
You screaming you love me
I’m not attractive so how could this be
Just be yourself
Me and you we are like forever
Don’t ever say never
Let’s get back in the life
In the future everyone want a beautiful wife
No love
I’ll beat him up with a glove
He don’t love you
Don’t be sitting here thinking that your skies isn’t blue
How can you love someone
If you don’t love yourself
How can you love yourself
If you don’t know yourself
Life is a game and your not playing by the rules
Fake boy all you do is snoozes
Life is a game but it’s not a joke
Makes you stress so you go smoke
Not on your lips by a finger
Me yeah its hard to believe I’m a singer
Life is a lot but it’s not worse
I feel like I got a curse
Things go right but wrong
Happy and dancing but life isn’t a song
Fame and money that’s all I’m asking for
Life is a house just open the door
Look real deep
And pray before you sleep