Monthly Archives: January 2016


That night I thought it was the end

I thought I didn’t win

Someone but I don’t know who

Was it you

I have no clue

I hope I don’t catch the flu

All I know is war

Walking around on the floor

Reaching for some powers

My baby girl gets flowers

I came a long way

It’s nothing for me to say

Eyes screaming shut

A slice is a bug cut

It seemed too real

Like it was a different appeal

Like something you can’t think

My eyes couldn’t blink

Trees are what I’m running out

Grass is going to shout

Water done filled the air

I know who it was I swear

It was you in my dreams

God done it on purpose that’s what it seems

I love you to death

You find my lost breath

I searched hard

Went from girl to girl who ripped my like a card

Searched for something that God was bringing

I love you saying it loud and proud you can hear me singing