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I love writing poems and I like to play football. I'm hoping to move my poetry up. I'm also Class of 18 at Gilman. My dreams are to either be a poet, be in the NFL, or be a scientist, and graduating from Gilman to hopefully go to FSU or Baylor University.


Is today the day

Is today the day I scream out no way

Is today the day when I have to look up into the skies to see if you’re there

Is today the day when people have to be aware

Is today the day when I let out all of my tears

Is today the day the day that I don’t wanna look back on

Is today the day when people get in their froze zone

Is today the day when I bleed out tears

Is today the day when you disappear

Is today the day when when I have to look your family in the eyes

Is today the day

Is today the day I say I’m sorry I’ve tried with everything I had

Is today the day when I have soggy eyes looking sad

Is today the day I say RIP to the soul that cried out to me

Is today the day you think you let your soul free

Is today the day when you ask me if today is the end

Is today the day that I’ll lose you

Is today the day when the skies change from blue

Is today the day when I write out words to you

Is today the day when I’m lost with no clue

Is today the day when you see the light

Is today the day when when I cry my eyes out at night

Is today the day when when light turn into eternal darkness

Is today the day when I look into your closed eyes and ask what went wrong

Is today the day when I look back and say why didn’t I sing that song

Is today the day


“How Ard”

How could you do this to me

Disappointments make me angry

I would let my pains cries

But there no sadness in my eyes

I waited a day late

Shh now it’s fate

I’m not smart like people

Look in my eyes I have potential

How could you deny with no reason

Gonna regret not having me next season

My head hurt it’s aching

I’m tired of faking

I always get separated from my kind

This shit making me loose my mind

Four years of fun it was time to win

Four more years just to start over again

Got to keep your head up

It was never down to start with

Mind full of anger

Denying a poet is danger

I prepare myself for disappointment

How could you deny me

It’s time to let my thoughts free

My confidence fly high

Your decision told them to die

My head is up and always been

My anger ends by ten

I will bounce back

And will always stay with my pack

“Ticking Bomb”

Time is running out

Find it before it shout 

Time is ticking 

The bomb is sticking 

Mind is erasing 

Time is to be chasing 

I remember when life was good

Now it’s tearing down without a hood

The clock is saying words to me

Saying don’t let it go free

I said wait what if time forget about me

Then it’s too late wait until college to get a degree

Forget it let the bomb go off

No wait you remember who gave you your scarf 

Oh yeah but not like it mean care

Time is wasting life isn’t fair

But wait that dream

The next day was a scream

Time is watching the bomb tick

Ice cream just take a lick

Just let it detonate

This must be fate

Time is ticking 

The bomb is sticking

Make up your mind

I’ll be kind 

Hurry up before it’s too late

Because life is a ticking bomb


Walking around with blind eyesDark day black skies

Heart racing 

Time erasing 

Close my eyes count to ten

Open them with a broken fin

Mind went blink like an empty tank

My heart rey sank 

The look on my face of a powerless man 

Future I was a big fan 

Can’t change the past but future might 

Day by day change my night 

The future is never what we seem 

To believe as a dream

Dream into a nightmare 

Forget it life isn’t fair 

Mind is lost 

The future will cost

Tears raining down 

Hurricane C5 tore down the crown 

Feelings are lost in the mind of defeat

A battle I lost from my hands to my feet

Four eyes couldn’t see all

Tear my face off the wall

How can a body of water become so confused and free

Hurricanes spin but it doesn’t part the sea

I’m a sucker for pain 

My heart isn’t connect to my vein 

Bread with no water 

A house with no roof

One little speck at the sound of poof

“This World”

It’s crazy how this world can be

This is the reason why I wrote poetry

So much hatred on earth

Pray from birth 

It’s crazy how much people hate

Get caught in a cross fire like an eight

He wasn’t ready to go

He wasn’t packed not with the flow

Eyes screaming shut 

The heart just got another little cut

But listen don’t cry

He’s flying high in the sky

I know your heart is beating at a fast rate

But listen God has him at the gate

He doesn’t want us to burn and weep

Someday we’ll see him when we sleep

But it’s crazy how this world can be 

Eyes full of tears it’s hard to see

29 years of glory 

People should hear his story

Keep lil Larry in your heart

Stay together he wouldn’t want us to fall apart

But it’s crazy how this world can be

lil Larry soul is living free 

Hold y’all heads up and live for him

Look up to God and remember them

Don’t get buried in the sand

Hold y’all heads up because God have us in his hand

“Piece of Mind”

I lost a lot

Mind going crazy it might be too hot

Times are hard 

Pick another card

I’ve been chosen enough 

Life is already tough

Living cold in a slimy place

It’s hard to look without seeing a zombie face

Sometimes I lay at night and cry

I ask God why

You picked me to break down in a shell

It’s cold I need I need to leave hell

Thinking about the past

Mind going crazy because it shouldn’t last

Sometimes it’s sad to look at my phone 

Reminds me of how much I’m alone

A fake smile shatter at night

Cause that’s the end it’s not a fight

It’s crazy how the world lies

Despite the ugly look out my eyes

Unconditional love

Close your eyes and look above

No it’s crazy how blood is as thin as a card

Blood suppose to be the sign of easy not hard 

Money shouldn’t be the first thing to convince you

Look the sky is dark blue

Not night just pollution from the thin blood

Shouldn’t be hurt by a soft thud 

Deny the fact of it

This is a piece of mind now spit

Money blow by

New people arrive from the sky

I don’t remember anything you say

Just remember my day

Because this is a piece of mind now spit


It’s a sight that I’ve never seenDropped a tear

Memories are hard to disappear 

D is a light that I can see through

A is the spot that’s waiting for you

R you looking straight 

Reading words like it was right 

I hear that people don’t understand 

Either the power of words or a hand

Long live a name through dirt to look

Lines from phases that I took

I don’t know the meaning of the true thing

It wouldn’t hurt to chew on a ring 

Delicious words when anger take over

Hidden deep you’re special like a clover

Love is a feeling cloudy like a sheep 

Clean heart clean mind but hidden deep

Lining up to keep you close

Over top of my head is a hidden ghost

Vibrating the soul but kept the heart straight

Eating the soul but the heart isn’t late 

Shy hard spoken idk what to say

I cry myself to sleep after I pray

Your beauty is like a spark

Slim think looking delicious to a shark

Looking for a future in a king 

Think again with a diamond ring

One day we will meet

Pain is hard to defeat 

Fair well and so long

Love is just a lovely song

“Life is Priceless”

I remember when I use to have all the attention 

Mind and world blacked out like a vision 

I remember in history people stayed together 

No bond to break but now it’s as weak as feather

The King died for that bond to stay

Now you can’t go out the house before you pray

People don’t get along 

Hatred is too strong 

Life is priceless 

Parents cry at night 

Hatred is a war that’s worth a fight

Life is meaningless to a person who hate 

Change the lifestyle and He’ll see you at the gate

Come together and stop being cruel 

People treats life like a fool

It’s crazy how the world is so cold

People say bad things to your face they are so bold

Fight through the pain 

Well hate is apart of the brain

Long live so many kids

Cruelty left them dead

Life is priceless 

You can’t pay for a death wish 

Life is priceless 

You can’t pay someone for forgiveness

Life is priceless 

Hate is a strong word 

But life is priceless 

Can’t find a place with no fear

Life is priceless but they don’t care

Live today like it’s your last

Go and have a blast

Be grateful to still be here

Because people can disappear

Live life like it’s golden

Because life is priceless 

“The Clock”

Check me out

We don’t have clout

Life is petty

They celebrate with confetti

Police beat you to sleep

I hate it he couldn’t even count sheep

I’m so ashamed I can’t even speak

They the type to bark with a beak

Tears drip it’s a flood

The streets is filled with black blood

Rest easy Tay Tay

Sleep with the King I love you that’s something I can say

Feds this is enough

You have a gun so you think you’re tough

This is explicit

You killed my cousin these pigs need to stop it

I took poetry with a manner I’m done

Killing blacks is what they call fun

Five bullets attach it to an O

That’s a black body they need to go

Pain is strong

Killing blacks is wrong

My life is already in a hole

You got my cousin buried now he’s just a soul

Make a cross on my chest and point to the skies

I pray and close my eyes

Sit down I don’t honor this country I’m through

It’s tough you hear pain in our hearts because of you(feds)

The clock will begin

Tick the King is within

Tock are we really free

Tick you can’t get to me

Tock the clock is low

That’s why you run with that flow

Tick already I hear you

Tock this clock is making me blue

Wait do you hear or can you hear

That’s my cousin you made him disappear

Hold on wait the clock is ticking

You’re black happy you fingers get the clicking

I’m fed up to he come down

Tick listen in close

He’s my cousin he’s not a ghost

Tock the short hand is a for black

Don’t ever turn your back

Tick long hand is the wingspan for cops


The mouse went up the clock

Bouw is a sound your friends make

You get happy to see the earthquake

I wish it all was a dream

Tick life is hard for blacks that’s what it seems

You heard the glass crack tock

Cops had threw a rock

It shattered to the sound of joy

Make like heard tick the clock is a toy

He’s just a boy

He’s black destroy

You hear me tock I’m the black night

The cops wouldn’t fight

It’s crazy how the past is this day

The cops left him with nothing to say

I raise my hand to this and stand

You’re black and

I need to see another day

The King didn’t want you to go away

It’s cool you couldn’t pick

You hear tick

The world needs to change

I’m done throw the cops in the sand

“The Game”

The struggles are real

Hey come close and hug the seal

Look on good 

Bad you run away like you never could 

A A are you gonna pee

You’re rusted black in the community 

Hey come close so you can see

Living I’m the game that’s all me

Y’all the type to pierce a bullet through a hole

You high so you’re swole 

Living in the life of death

It’s real easy to lose a breath 

Breathe my eyes shut 

Ouch it’s nothing but a cut

A band aid isn’t enough

Life source that’s real tough 

Hide in the face of dark

Human blood mouth open like a shark

To easy it’s nothing but a bite

War is one thing that’s worth a fight 

Living in the walls of blink

Need help to fill I think 

Guest who not me

Is this what I wanna be 

To afraid to speak

Blushing from a kiss on the cheek

Thinking out loud 

Someday I’ll be proud

Pain is sitting on my back

Heavy enough to kill an eight pack

I keep quiet while they on snooze

Stay down when you see my dues

Not really a main sign 

My card always decline 

Climb to the top

Just to fall in the same stop 

This is the game I play 

Someday it’ll be my way