It’s a sight that I’ve never seenDropped a tear

Memories are hard to disappear 

D is a light that I can see through

A is the spot that’s waiting for you

R you looking straight 

Reading words like it was right 

I hear that people don’t understand 

Either the power of words or a hand

Long live a name through dirt to look

Lines from phases that I took

I don’t know the meaning of the true thing

It wouldn’t hurt to chew on a ring 

Delicious words when anger take over

Hidden deep you’re special like a clover

Love is a feeling cloudy like a sheep 

Clean heart clean mind but hidden deep

Lining up to keep you close

Over top of my head is a hidden ghost

Vibrating the soul but kept the heart straight

Eating the soul but the heart isn’t late 

Shy hard spoken idk what to say

I cry myself to sleep after I pray

Your beauty is like a spark

Slim think looking delicious to a shark

Looking for a future in a king 

Think again with a diamond ring

One day we will meet

Pain is hard to defeat 

Fair well and so long

Love is just a lovely song


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