“My Turn”

Look and see pain

I fear thee to the brain

You made it final

Ignore me like a orange

Brought more pain

I feel ashamed

People come and go

But you no no

Not easy to let go

To close to say bye

Blood is rushing down my eye

I pray that you come back to me

I’m afraid to be free

You all I need

For you to leave I must bleed

I’m not giving up to thee

She disrespect you she disrespect me

Clear my mind

I thought she was kind

Pain in your eyes is what I seen

Purple marks what does this mean

I guess it’s my turn to be hurt

Put me in the dirt

My turn to cry

Air no my heart to the sky

No more you’ll be mines soon

So the next day say good afternoon

I should’ve just stayed home

God just have them stab me with a comb

Pray it gotta work be true

The only person I love is you

I pray to God and ask for her back

Pain is all I have but pray until it’s dark

The King of all Kings can help me

So I pray that God will bring her back to me

“Rapid Fire”

Floating in space describes my case

I got two blunt options, I can flee or chase

I hear voices in my head like a demon on my shoulder

He keeps telling me hell is only getting colder

Who are you trying to fool, I can see you trying to hide

You just getting by, I’m making pigs fly

I can even see your shadow

You took mine first I had to get it back

But I have to give you props

You said it to my face commonly as cops

And maybe it won’t stop, but this movement isn’t just a small little spot

I do it for the brothers that didn’t get shot

I ain’t even talking about guns

Your words take shots at our sons

With as many bullet holes as a dry sponge

recycle the water there will be none

Lights and words flash before your eye

Pain dripping from the sky

Emotions running fast

It’s the end of the play where is the cast

Hands up to show power

All they love is flower

My work here is done

Paint my body and then run

“The Blue Eye”

Life is life

One day I’ll face my fear of a knife

Love is hard to find

You’re the only thing on my mind

I know the relation

Black and white is a discrimination

Love is love no matter who that person could be

Not to be rude but open your eyes and see

You’re hearing this from me

You are what I think about my mind isn’t free

Decrease the mind of sight

Add some feeling to make it through the night

Run to me fast you’ll understand

I see love at the back of my hand

Empire is a show

Nobody but you can get the flow

Another way to show is to see

Nothing comes free

Depressed over something I wish it was me

Apart from sleep idk what to think to be

Night is a long blink

I want you what do you think

Time has gone bye

About to sleep with the blue eye

Let me explain

A hart meets a heart to entertain

Wash your mind

Soft talk like you were blind

On the other hand is pain

Not having you can mess up my brain

Your favorite color is blue

Your eyes are beautiful like you

No matter what please don’t leave

Row up a sleeve

Runnerback was a lot of speed

That’s not all I want or need

I get afraid when you think

Because it gives me time to blink

Blinking for me isn’t good

Heart control I wish I could

I full of you

Learning that your color is blue

Open your eyes and see

Voice is a sound for me

Everything is up to you

You not with me is a flu

Oh can you hear me

Uniform should be me and you

“Nightmare on Lawson Street”

It’s all a dream

Or is it, that’s just what it seem

You should know who you are

it’s cut up and bruised

blood colder than the snow falling from the sky

Money is like spit it’s easy to lose

Torture the soul

Glow like a star

Application denied

Right but wrong

Reading this you’ll understand the song

Educated to the max

Shuck the heart

Eliminated you

Heated hot steam from your head

No I didn’t mean it

Amicable is what you are

You can live your life

Another day is what you see

People turned me into what I am

I treat the way people treat

Pain from the head

A bullet through the heart

Thinking about it all

I refuse to lose you

Leaving isn’t an option

Open your eye

Vision cursed just forgive me

Esteem is what I have of you

Young and pretty is to stay

Open your eyes I am Sorry

Uniforms are you

Face is shiny I’m like glue

Tall but I can live with it

Look down that’s what your name should be

And I didn’t want to hurt you

We were everything

Stupid me I treat people who they treat me

Open my heart for you

Nothing no one is better than you

I will always be there for you

“Young Minded”

You standing so tall
Out in the air
Understanding it all
No one lives forever it’s not fair
Gunned down with no harm
Mouth clogged with fer
I see you inside my arm
Neglect it you’re thinking about her
Decide your way of lost
Electrocute the dead
Death that’s going to cost
Blood dripping down from my head
Lost a lot
Oxygen is all I need
Opportunities is a good spot
Desprit with a lot of speed
Bleeding her name
She’s all I think about
It’s like a picture frame
You’re the only one who can shout
Big dreams in the night
It doesn’t matter inside or out
Dying is what I might
I don’t have my voice
The harder I try the more I lose
I have no choice
To stand up or snooze


1 second of sleep
2 minutes of shlee
3 hours to lay
4 days to pray
5 weeks to race
6 months of your face
7 years of hell
8 decades if you couldn’t tell
9 centuries of fear
Humans can disappear
Babies replace others
Put them under covers
World full of lies
Is it true that it’s multiple skies
I’ve been thinking of it
I cry blood to spit
Nothing is free
Look Look can you see me
Eyes full of I don’t know
Brain is full with snow
One smack can shatter his smile
Inside is good but not my style
I like to stay longer than a Blink
Don’t speak just think
10 seconds has past
11 minutes for a cast
12 hours to see
13 days to see me
14 weeks to close
15 months to expose
16 years to repeal
17 decades you can’t steal
18 centuries to think I miss
Good day can bring a kiss
Earth is where we stand
Love is high but I understand
19 seconds to get away
20 minutes to have a relay
21 days to say thank you
22 weeks with a curfew
23 months isn’t possible so don’t trust
24 decades but no fuss
25 centuries just realizing no one’s perfect
26 there isn’t one
The way Baltimore is now no one knows
Anytime any day
Live and don’t throw your life away


Times are hard
Paper on a card
I knew this all along
Losing is always wrong
I mean you should win
Win fare and don’t get a sin
Life is a game
It’s hard to believe don’t be a shame
I feel like I’m losing
Sadness is me, not choosing
Y’all have so much power
If you didn’t you wouldn’t last an hour
It’s hard to hold back
If you know me it gets black
People don’t understand me
My mind is free
I’m always thinking about stuff
Life is rough
Sometimes I feel the world turn
The earth always give me a burn
I hate wait hate is a strong word
Love don’t happen A$AP like Ferd
Everything I want to do gets stop
Like the world don’t like me a cop
Sometimes I don’t like being here
You not texting back is a fear
Life is a joke but nothing’s funny
One day it will be sunny
I don’t even want to speak
Just let me fall into a creek
Words have been spoked
My mind just got smoked
Why me
Plans always get canceled how could this be
Why am I here
I fail at everything but life isn’t never far
I’m finish speaking
Just listen to the words

Silent Letter

I can’t hear you

I can see you

Why are you there

Want to fit in

Think outside not in

Sometimes I feel like the e in hate

Alone and fitting in

But e in Love that’s something else

We see and hear you

Laughter have fun with each other

Opposites attract

Value of loyalty

Everything give your love your all

Last person you want

Only person you need

Valentine is y’all day

Eliminate all the people that want to run away

Loyal to that person

Ordinary feeling spice it up

Volcano eruption that’s how it go

Eye to eye with no lie

Look but don’t stare

Overjoy in your mind

Veins living proud

Elevate your problems

I can go on and on

are you getting what I’m saying

End your life on a good note not bad

“Your self”

Love starts with yourself
It’s up high but higher than a shelf
People don’t understand what I mean
I saw a girl but that was all I seen
You screaming you love me
I’m not attractive so how could this be
Just be yourself
Me and you we are like forever
Don’t ever say never
Let’s get back in the life
In the future everyone want a beautiful wife
No love
I’ll beat him up with a glove
He don’t love you
Don’t be sitting here thinking that your skies isn’t blue
How can you love someone
If you don’t love yourself
How can you love yourself
If you don’t know yourself
Life is a game and your not playing by the rules
Fake boy all you do is snoozes
Life is a game but it’s not a joke
Makes you stress so you go smoke
Not on your lips by a finger
Me yeah its hard to believe I’m a singer
Life is a lot but it’s not worse
I feel like I got a curse
Things go right but wrong
Happy and dancing but life isn’t a song
Fame and money that’s all I’m asking for
Life is a house just open the door
Look real deep
And pray before you sleep

Mix Match

Mix Match

I don’t like living like this
One part is a kiss
The other is not
Of course it would be me in this spot
Y’all here and I’m over there
With all the air
Life is a joke
Laugh until I choke
Y’all live in a stove
I live in Ac touchdown all I did was dove
I just dived in
Life is a game and I’m gonna win
This is a mix match cause I have everything
Or is it nothing
I stepped up to the plate
Home run and y’all still on the bench, that’s what I hate
Gilman high school all we did was fought
Y’all hit the ball but it just get’s caught
This is a mix match cause I have a lot
Look at this house it’s hot
Where I live is cool
Y’all can’t even go to the pool
Sometimes I cry
And just ask god why
Why y’all or us
Its not a big fuss
Life is beating down on me
Rich and famous that’s what I want us to be
No car been riding the bus since first grade
Red wine I need a bandaid
Life isn’t fair
It’s nothing the rich people don’t care
Y’all mean a lot to me
Rich fun and games that’s what I want it to be