“The Clock”

Check me out

We don’t have clout

Life is petty

They celebrate with confetti

Police beat you to sleep

I hate it he couldn’t even count sheep

I’m so ashamed I can’t even speak

They the type to bark with a beak

Tears drip it’s a flood

The streets is filled with black blood

Rest easy Tay Tay

Sleep with the King I love you that’s something I can say

Feds this is enough

You have a gun so you think you’re tough

This is explicit

You killed my cousin these pigs need to stop it

I took poetry with a manner I’m done

Killing blacks is what they call fun

Five bullets attach it to an O

That’s a black body they need to go

Pain is strong

Killing blacks is wrong

My life is already in a hole

You got my cousin buried now he’s just a soul

Make a cross on my chest and point to the skies

I pray and close my eyes

Sit down I don’t honor this country I’m through

It’s tough you hear pain in our hearts because of you(feds)

The clock will begin

Tick the King is within

Tock are we really free

Tick you can’t get to me

Tock the clock is low

That’s why you run with that flow

Tick already I hear you

Tock this clock is making me blue

Wait do you hear or can you hear

That’s my cousin you made him disappear

Hold on wait the clock is ticking

You’re black happy you fingers get the clicking

I’m fed up to he come down

Tick listen in close

He’s my cousin he’s not a ghost

Tock the short hand is a for black

Don’t ever turn your back

Tick long hand is the wingspan for cops


The mouse went up the clock

Bouw is a sound your friends make

You get happy to see the earthquake

I wish it all was a dream

Tick life is hard for blacks that’s what it seems

You heard the glass crack tock

Cops had threw a rock

It shattered to the sound of joy

Make like heard tick the clock is a toy

He’s just a boy

He’s black destroy

You hear me tock I’m the black night

The cops wouldn’t fight

It’s crazy how the past is this day

The cops left him with nothing to say

I raise my hand to this and stand

You’re black and

I need to see another day

The King didn’t want you to go away

It’s cool you couldn’t pick

You hear tick

The world needs to change

I’m done throw the cops in the sand


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