“The Game”

The struggles are real

Hey come close and hug the seal

Look on good 

Bad you run away like you never could 

A A are you gonna pee

You’re rusted black in the community 

Hey come close so you can see

Living I’m the game that’s all me

Y’all the type to pierce a bullet through a hole

You high so you’re swole 

Living in the life of death

It’s real easy to lose a breath 

Breathe my eyes shut 

Ouch it’s nothing but a cut

A band aid isn’t enough

Life source that’s real tough 

Hide in the face of dark

Human blood mouth open like a shark

To easy it’s nothing but a bite

War is one thing that’s worth a fight 

Living in the walls of blink

Need help to fill I think 

Guest who not me

Is this what I wanna be 

To afraid to speak

Blushing from a kiss on the cheek

Thinking out loud 

Someday I’ll be proud

Pain is sitting on my back

Heavy enough to kill an eight pack

I keep quiet while they on snooze

Stay down when you see my dues

Not really a main sign 

My card always decline 

Climb to the top

Just to fall in the same stop 

This is the game I play 

Someday it’ll be my way 


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