I feel like Naruto

Down face everywhere I go

The future lies here

Sad heart beat it’s easy to sneer

Nine tails destroys the leaf

I stay quit so no beef

Rain down at night

Dark I like with not might

Pain and no sight

It’s not worth it no fight

Why me immobilied on this road

Eight sign ceal just find the cold

I’m the nine tails trapped in this place

Full of anger to lose a race

I give off power to be free

This ceal is to powerful even for me

Look upon me and deaf when I speak

The future I wish I can peak

One day I shall break free

Soon hopefully release stress off me

Hard to blink without the dark

Big and mean like a shark

Blind when the camera on I

I shot a blast to the sky

Broke the bond of two

I hate the world do you

I released my power

But I get caught with flower

I shed a tear

Of pain I’m anger I don’t care

I laugh to keep from crying

But laughing hasn’t worked my life is lying

Someday soon I will undo this ceal


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