“The Black Eye”

You all are the same

The past is what to blame

Judgment of one eye

You see the wrong that makes the heart cry

You hold the same flesh from the last

You see the future from your past

Frame the one who cares

Hold the one who dares

Laugh at the sound of nothing

Face is in rage but something

I had a dream but not for you to know

I blinked so it’s nothing to show

Think with one view

Color on the white just like you

Leave the right back

Keep the wrong because the eye is black

No heart for the other pain

Blood doesn’t flow through your vein

Judge now from your past

Treat new like old so it won’t last

Heart is a weapon

Nothing to say the past already turned you in

Blind to the eye of it

Anger from the face of spit

Blood drip

Leave the future without a tip

Lesson never learned

Petty is the only thing you’ve earned

Sky comes down with rein

You don’t understand the guide of pain

Living in fear

I see the past and don’t care

Life is a living hell

Grow up and face the cell

I say no more blink and erase your fear


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