“The Blue Eye”

Life is life

One day I’ll face my fear of a knife

Love is hard to find

You’re the only thing on my mind

I know the relation

Black and white is a discrimination

Love is love no matter who that person could be

Not to be rude but open your eyes and see

You’re hearing this from me

You are what I think about my mind isn’t free

Decrease the mind of sight

Add some feeling to make it through the night

Run to me fast you’ll understand

I see love at the back of my hand

Empire is a show

Nobody but you can get the flow

Another way to show is to see

Nothing comes free

Depressed over something I wish it was me

Apart from sleep idk what to think to be

Night is a long blink

I want you what do you think

Time has gone bye

About to sleep with the blue eye

Let me explain

A hart meets a heart to entertain

Wash your mind

Soft talk like you were blind

On the other hand is pain

Not having you can mess up my brain

Your favorite color is blue

Your eyes are beautiful like you

No matter what please don’t leave

Row up a sleeve

Runnerback was a lot of speed

That’s not all I want or need

I get afraid when you think

Because it gives me time to blink

Blinking for me isn’t good

Heart control I wish I could

I full of you

Learning that your color is blue

Open your eyes and see

Voice is a sound for me

Everything is up to you

You not with me is a flu

Oh can you hear me

Uniform should be me and you


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