“Nightmare on Lawson Street”

It’s all a dream

Or is it, that’s just what it seem

You should know who you are

it’s cut up and bruised

blood colder than the snow falling from the sky

Money is like spit it’s easy to lose

Torture the soul

Glow like a star

Application denied

Right but wrong

Reading this you’ll understand the song

Educated to the max

Shuck the heart

Eliminated you

Heated hot steam from your head

No I didn’t mean it

Amicable is what you are

You can live your life

Another day is what you see

People turned me into what I am

I treat the way people treat

Pain from the head

A bullet through the heart

Thinking about it all

I refuse to lose you

Leaving isn’t an option

Open your eye

Vision cursed just forgive me

Esteem is what I have of you

Young and pretty is to stay

Open your eyes I am Sorry

Uniforms are you

Face is shiny I’m like glue

Tall but I can live with it

Look down that’s what your name should be

And I didn’t want to hurt you

We were everything

Stupid me I treat people who they treat me

Open my heart for you

Nothing no one is better than you

I will always be there for you


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