1 second of sleep
2 minutes of shlee
3 hours to lay
4 days to pray
5 weeks to race
6 months of your face
7 years of hell
8 decades if you couldn’t tell
9 centuries of fear
Humans can disappear
Babies replace others
Put them under covers
World full of lies
Is it true that it’s multiple skies
I’ve been thinking of it
I cry blood to spit
Nothing is free
Look Look can you see me
Eyes full of I don’t know
Brain is full with snow
One smack can shatter his smile
Inside is good but not my style
I like to stay longer than a Blink
Don’t speak just think
10 seconds has past
11 minutes for a cast
12 hours to see
13 days to see me
14 weeks to close
15 months to expose
16 years to repeal
17 decades you can’t steal
18 centuries to think I miss
Good day can bring a kiss
Earth is where we stand
Love is high but I understand
19 seconds to get away
20 minutes to have a relay
21 days to say thank you
22 weeks with a curfew
23 months isn’t possible so don’t trust
24 decades but no fuss
25 centuries just realizing no one’s perfect
26 there isn’t one
The way Baltimore is now no one knows
Anytime any day
Live and don’t throw your life away

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