Times are hard
Paper on a card
I knew this all along
Losing is always wrong
I mean you should win
Win fare and don’t get a sin
Life is a game
It’s hard to believe don’t be a shame
I feel like I’m losing
Sadness is me, not choosing
Y’all have so much power
If you didn’t you wouldn’t last an hour
It’s hard to hold back
If you know me it gets black
People don’t understand me
My mind is free
I’m always thinking about stuff
Life is rough
Sometimes I feel the world turn
The earth always give me a burn
I hate wait hate is a strong word
Love don’t happen A$AP like Ferd
Everything I want to do gets stop
Like the world don’t like me a cop
Sometimes I don’t like being here
You not texting back is a fear
Life is a joke but nothing’s funny
One day it will be sunny
I don’t even want to speak
Just let me fall into a creek
Words have been spoked
My mind just got smoked
Why me
Plans always get canceled how could this be
Why am I here
I fail at everything but life isn’t never far
I’m finish speaking
Just listen to the words


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