Mix Match

Mix Match

I don’t like living like this
One part is a kiss
The other is not
Of course it would be me in this spot
Y’all here and I’m over there
With all the air
Life is a joke
Laugh until I choke
Y’all live in a stove
I live in Ac touchdown all I did was dove
I just dived in
Life is a game and I’m gonna win
This is a mix match cause I have everything
Or is it nothing
I stepped up to the plate
Home run and y’all still on the bench, that’s what I hate
Gilman high school all we did was fought
Y’all hit the ball but it just get’s caught
This is a mix match cause I have a lot
Look at this house it’s hot
Where I live is cool
Y’all can’t even go to the pool
Sometimes I cry
And just ask god why
Why y’all or us
Its not a big fuss
Life is beating down on me
Rich and famous that’s what I want us to be
No car been riding the bus since first grade
Red wine I need a bandaid
Life isn’t fair
It’s nothing the rich people don’t care
Y’all mean a lot to me
Rich fun and games that’s what I want it to be


4 thoughts on “Mix Match

  1. Darien… I LOVE this one. I feel like it really represent your feelings about being at a crossroads in your life. Your past is now truly becoming your past, making some real room for a future that is maybe different than you anticipated. NEVER underestimate or feel like these good life changes are undeserved. You have become quite the writer, and I’m proud of you and the person you’ve become. 🙂

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