A hold my hand
So you won’t get barred in the sand
That’s how you can B
When you C me
D man Is what they call me
E don’t count cause F let the slaves free
I used to walk around like a G
But people kept disrespecting me
They done smacked the H out of me
I closed my I there’s Nothing to see
My friends name is Lil J
K for kill left with Nothing to say
L was his last letter
M mad he was liter than a farther
He had no money N his pocket to store
There’s an O in floor 
I squeeze tight and all I do is P
You want to fight DQ
R pirates like you
I write an S in your house
T you look like a mouse
U left with Nothing to say
Cause they just came with the spray
I have no V of you
They sprayed I turn into a W
He X me right out
To fast I couldn’t even shout
For Y just because they wanted to
Z is what you see when they shoot right through you


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