The Two F’s

Life is a lot
But you just can’t park in the parking lot
F one is to forgive,
The person who did what ever to you and that makes it hard to live
I know how that feel
You think people just came to steal
F two is forget
Something you just want to sit,
On but it’s hard to forgive
And that’s hard to live,
There’s always people to mess you up
Try to bring you down to see ketchup
People are like a gate
something you well always hate
Hate is a strong word
I’ll through it in the air, let it fly with a bird
You wouldn’t trust again
The world have to spin
If you don’t forgive that person for what they done
You won’t trust you’ll be stuffed like a bun
It’s hard to do
Because I believe you
I’m always on your side
Ice skate it’s hard to glide
When you forgive
Everything that happen will be forgotten


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