We Made It

The future starts here 

The past already happened so you shouldn’t care

We made it 

So it’s not time to sit

Everything in the past leave it behind

If you bring it you must be out of your mind

Who or whatever that hurt you 

Don’t let it the skies black, it’s blue

Pre K was fun and game 

The future is big but don’t be a shame

Real life is about to start

Look deep down you might see your heart

Your heart beating like a drum 

Success and faith do you really want some

We made it 

I’m not a rapper so I don’t spit

People are going to hate

Don’t let that be your heart they ate

Don’t let people bring you down

They’re not a king, they don’t have a crown

Don’t be in the wrong crowd 

Cause if you do something bad you shouldn’t be proud

Everyone should chase their dreams

I hope everyone for the best 

I’m finish so you don’t have to here the rest


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